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We have pioneered the development and delivery of both  Homelessness & Housing Advice and Allocations benchmarking and the Allocations and Choice Based Lettings Efficiency Cost Model.


Allocations and CBL Efficiency Cost Model

The Efficiency Cost Model incorporates benchmarking in relation to the Housing Register, Verification Checking and CBL to enable cost comparisons and analysis – but goes beyond this to provide a series of scenarios to show the type of efficiency gains which could be achieved if services were remodelled.


Homelessness and Housing Advice Review Service

Working with Shelter we have developed an innovative Homelessness & Housing Advice Review Service. Drawing upon Shelter’s extensive expertise of completing Quality Review work (in over 70 local authorities) and combining this with benchmarking means that this service provides participating authorities with an integrated, independent view of the quality, performance, cost and resource profile of their services.




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