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At both a national and local level, acclaim consulting has extensive experience of providing advice, support and assistance to tenant and community led organisations.

We have successfully delivered a wide range of projects to organisations within this sector including:

Good Governance Kitemark and Healthcheck Toolkit

Working alongside the NFTMO on this national initiative, acclaim developed and supported the roll out of both the good governance KiteMark and good governance health check Toolkit.

Acclaim continues to support the NFTMO and individual TMOs in improving governance and the core capabilities of TMOs to manage and govern.

You can get more information on the Kitemark and Healthcheck Toolkit by clicking on the following link - NFTMO Website

Business Planning for Co-ops and TMOs

With Innovation into Action grant funding, and in partnership with the NFTMO, 地cclaim developed a toolkit to enable TMOs to prepare community focused business plans.

This includes a comprehensive guide on the preparation of business plans, together with an interactive CD-rom that takes TMOs through step by step - the process of developing and publishing a fit-for-purpose and professional business plan.

The toolkit is available free to TMOs and similar organisations. You can view and print the Business Planning Guide that has been produced by 地cclaim by clicking on the following link on the NFTMOs website - NFTMO Business Planning

Strategic Planning for Community Led Regeneration

地cclaim worked with the Home Office funded Guide Neighbourhoods Programme (which aims to enable strong, successful resident led neighbourhood organisations to share their knowledge and experience with other neighbourhoods trying to tackle similar problems) to develop a national business planning resource for community led organitions.

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