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We have significant experience of working directly with housing association and local authority customers (including ALMOs) to support the preparation of business plans, alongside our national work (funded by the DCLG) to develop business planning toolkits for the housing and voluntary sectors.

We prepared a business planning toolkit for national Tenant Management Organisation’s (TMOs) as part of an Innovation into Action project sponsored by the National Federation of TMOs. This project involved TMOs from both the local authority and housing association sectors, with respect to the latter of which we undertook specific consultation and liaison with the Housing Corporation on their business planning requirements of TMOs from this sector.

Since the launch of the business planning toolkit for national Tenant Management Organisation’s (TMOs) we have directly supported the preparation of business plans for over 20 TMOs. We have also provided extensive business planning training to individual organisations and at a national level to the National Federation of TMOs.

As part of the Guide Neighbourhood programme we developed a CD-Rom based business planning guide for community organisations.

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