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We have developed a national benchmarking programme for tenant management organisations (TMOs) in conjunction with the National Federation of TMOs on behalf of the ODPM and the on-line HouseMark Local performance benchmarking product for the G15+2 group of housing associations (including William Sutton Group and Guinness Trust).

We have considerable experience of analysing and applying the outcomes of performance comparisons and benchmarking. This includes helping organisations to identify where they need to focus their efforts to improve, establishing the level and type of action required to achieve the necessary improvements and integrating these into SMART strategic and operational plans.

We have developed performance management and information systems for numerous local authority and housing association customers, including Walsall Housing Group, Rotherham MBC and Carrick ALMO.

We have considerable depth of knowledge and expertise in business process improvement; including working for Deloittes in managing the process improvement workstream on one of their largest social housing e-Government Programme accounts.

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