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Mark Awbery (Consulting Partner)


Mark is an expert in local government and e-government services. He has worked with a range of major clients over the last ten years, including Andersen/Deloitte (as an associate for 6 years), HouseMark and GlaxoSmithKline.


Mark has significant experience of change management and local government procurement, having worked as a principal CCT Officer for a West London Borough and as a Business Development Manager for Public Sector Consultancy Ltd (PSEC). During 2005, whilst working on behalf of Deloitte for the Department of Health on its Care Services Efficiency Delivery programme (the Departments response to Gershon for English adult social care covering 13.7bn annual spend) Mark helped to author the Departments national strategic outline business cases for supply chain management. These identified efficiencies of over half a ηillion for 2007/08. The business cases prepared by Mark formed four of the six sustainable efficiency initiatives that were adopted at a national level by the Department of Health.


Mark has also researched and authored a number of national reports, including the DETRs (formerly the ODPM and now the DCLG) Research into the Cost of Local Authority Housing Management (working with Tony Edney) the outcomes of which fed directly into revisions to national housing subsidy calculations.


Mark has drafted national guidance for the Housing Corporation (now the TSA) on performance management for housing associations. This guide provides definitive advice on data collection and analysis for all housing associations.


Mark has been a key player in the development of HouseMark. Whilst working at Andersen, he led the design, development and implementation of HouseMark's Good Practice Service as well as an on-line performance information service for the G15 Group of housing associations (plus the William Sutton Group and the Guinness Trust). He was also responsible for helping to review and update HouseMarks core benchmarking system between 2007 and 2009.


John Frankis (Consulting Partner)


John has 20 years experience of working within and with public sector organisations. This includes over 10 years of consultancy experience. Before founding Acclaim, John was a Managing Consultant for a major London Borough, and as such was responsible for leading on several major assignments targeted at Best Value and organisational transformation.


Most recently, John has led the development of Acclaims Allocations & Choice Based Lettings Benchmarking Service, including the development of the methodology underpinning this and the key cost, resource and performance indicators calculated as a result. John successfully launched the new service across London in 2009. Almost half of all London Boroughs have since participated in this.


John has also led the development and roll out of the Common Assessment Model in relation to the Tenant Service Authoritys (TSAs) Approved Assessor Programme and plays a key ongoing role in developing and supporting national initiatives on behalf of the tenant management sector.


John has also led several national research and service development projects. This includes a number of Government funded projects. Examples of these include preparing business cases and undertaking financial benefits realisation modelling for one of the ODPMs (now DCLGs) national e-gov programme (FAME) and completing a National Crime (and Anti-Social Behaviour) research project for the Association of Metropolitan Authorities. They also include preparing Business Planning toolkits for the NFTMO (National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations) and the Home Office/DCLG (as part of the Guide Neighbourhoods programme), and, developing a Good Governance Kitemark for the NFTMO.